48H Exhaust Machine

48H Exhaust Machine
Product Name : 48H Exhaust Machine


    Product Character


    After Sealing, This Machine Is Offering Mercury, Heating And Exhausting, Enclosing The Gas, And Cutting The Tube.


    2-1 Quantity: 1Set

    2-2 Capacity: 900pcs./hr. 1pcs /4sec

    2-3 Operator: 

    1) Monitor The Machine

    2) Replenishing The Mercury Strip

    2-4 Gas: 

    1) Flame Gas

    2) Oxygen

    3) Air To Burn

    4) High-Pressure Air

    5) High-Pressure Filtered Air

    6) Enclosed Gas

    7) Nitrogen

    8) Cooling Water

    2-5Machine Dimension & Weight: 2,200*1,900*2,050mm    3,600Kgs