16H Sealing Machine

16H Sealing Machine
Product Name : 16H Sealing Machine


    Product Character


    After baking, this machine is offering the electrode automatically, clamping the exhaust side,in the same time sealing the other side, and unloading the tube into the conveyor.  


    2-1 Quantity: 1Set 

    2-2 Capacity: 900pcs. / hr. 1pcs / 4sec 

    2-3 Operator: Monitor the machine 

    2-4 Gas:

    2-4-1 High-pressure air

    2-4-2 Flame gas

    2-4-3 Air to burn

    2-4-4 Oxygen

    2-4-5 Reduction air

    2-5 Machine dimension & weight: 2,110*1,200*2,210mm 3,200kgs