16H Sealing Machine

16H Sealing Machine
Product Name : 16H Sealing Machine


    Product Character

    1. Description:

    After baking, this machine is offering the electrode automatically, clamping the exhaust side, in the same time sealing the other side, and unloading the tube into the conveyor.

    2. Standard:

    2-1 Quantity: 1set 

    2-2 Capacity: 1pce/ 4sec, 900pcs/ hr

    3. Operator: monitor the machine 

    4. Function:

    4-1 Gas: 

    4-1-1 High-pressure air 

    4-1-2 Flame gas 

    4-1-3 Air to burn 

    4-1-4 Oxygen 

    4-1-5 Reduction air 

    5. Dimension & weight:

    5-1 Dimension: 2,110*1,200*2,800mm  

    5-2 Weight: 3,200kgs