E27 Base Press Machine

E27 Base Press Machine
Product Name : E27 Base Press Machine


    Product Character

    1. Description:

    Pressed the base, put into led bulb to press machine. Then, lighting led bulb and pressing the base.

    2. StandardsE27 LED bulb.         

    2-1 Capacity: 1pce/ 3sec

    3. Function:

    3-1 Loading and unloading Led bulb by operator.

    3-2 Test lighting.

    3-3 Pressure mechanical pressing device, indentation uniform appearance.

    4. Dimensions & Weight:           

    4-1 Dimensions: 200*400*200mm

    4-2 Weight: 20kg

    5. PowerAC110V or  220 V  60Hz

    6. Pressure sourceCompressed air 5kgf/cm2