E27 Base Twist Machine

E27 Base Twist Machine
Product Name : E27 Base Twist Machine


    Product Character

    1. Description

    First, The base twist into aluminum seat of led bulb 1-2teeth.Then, it is put into the head and twisting displacement ,auto unloading led bulb.

    2. Standards: E27 LED bulb. 

    2-1 Capacity1pec/ 3sec

    3. Function

    3-1 Driving the turntable by 8H index men.

    3-2 Auto base twisting device and adjustment speed.

    3-3 Auto unloading device.

    4. Dimensions & Weight:

    4-1 Dimensions700*900*1600mm           

    4-2 Weight200kg

    5. PowerAC220 V 60Hz0.6 kw