Auto Base Assembly Machine

Auto Base Assembly Machine
Product Name : Auto Base Assembly Machine


    Product Character


                    This machine’s function is auto press with upper cap and lower cap,base head feeding upper cap to lock . Then, inspecting the glass tube and auto welding the base head.


    2.Standard  8W12W



            3-1 Capacity1000 pcs/hour. Adjust speed by frequency converter.

            3-2 Glass tube and lower cap by manual feeding to the conveyer and auto feeding the head.

            3-3 Auto press with upper cap and lower cap.

            3-4 Base head auto feeding upper cap to lock.

            3-5 Glass tube testing light. The defective tube no welding.

      3-6 Base head press close device.

      3-7 Base head auto welding.

            3-8 Touch panel and PLC control.

         3-9 After cooling weld, choose to qualified and unqualified tube.


    4. DIMENSION & WEIGHT4500x3300x2500 (mm)  3800kg

    5. PowerAC380V 50Hz 5KW