24 Heads Stem Machine

24 Heads Stem Machine
Product Name : 24 Heads Stem Machine


    Product Character

    A.  Devices To Be Equipped:   

    (a) Automatic Flare Feeder.  

    (b) Automatic Lead Wire Feeder. 

    (c) Automatic Exhaust Tube Feeder.  

    (d) Pincher.  

    (e) Heating Unit. 

    (f) Hole Blower.  

    (g) Cooling.  

    (h) Stem Unloading.  

    (i) Annealing  Box.  

    (j) Lead Wire And Exhaust Tube Checker Device.

    B.Capacity   : 2,000 Pcs/Hr. 

    C.Operator   :  One Man.    (Part Time)

    D. Machine Dimensions & Weight:  

    1,900 mm * 1,600 mm * 1,600 mm Approx. 1,200 Kgs.

    E.  Power : Main Motor    3ψ, 220/380V, 0.375 KW * 1 set.