24 Heads Mounting Machine

24 Heads Mounting Machine
Product Name : 24 Heads Mounting Machine


    Product Character

    A.Devices To Be Equipped:  

    (a) Stem Loading Unit.  

    (b) Lead In Wire Forming: First Stage.  

    (c) Lead In Wire Flattened.  

    (d) Lead In Wire Forming: Second Stage.

    (e) Lead In Wire Hooking Unit.  

    (f) Lead In Wire Forming: Third Stage.  

    (g) Lead In Wire Heating.  

    (h) filament Coated & Closed.  

    (i) Filament Stretched.

    (j) Oxide Coating Unit.   

    (k) Coating Dried Unit.

    (l) Oxide Suction Unit.

    (m) Unloading.  

    (n) Conveyor.  

    B.Capacity :1,400 Pcs/Hr. 

    C.Operator : Three Men.       

    D.Machine Dimensions & Weight:  

    3,000 mm * 2,500 * 1,200.   Approx. 1,600 Kgs. 

    E.Power : Main Motor:  3φ, 220/380 V, 0.75 KW * 1 set.