20 Head Blowing Machine

20 Head Blowing Machine
Product Name : 20 Head Blowing Machine


    Product Character

    A. General description:

    This 20 heads horizontal type machine is for putting the glass tube on the clamp, and after blowing medial type, is full automatic and very specialty.

    B. Automatic device:

    1) Automatic glass tube feeding.

    2) Automatic shell blowing.

    3) Automatic unloading & annealing.

    C. Specification:

    1) Capacity: 1,500 pcs per hour 

    2) Personnel required  : manual loading glass tube on storage box.

    3) Machine dimension: 1300 x 1100 x 1500(h)mm

    4) Machine weight  : 950kgs

    D.   Power: 

    1) Main motor:  220/380v 50hz or 60hz 1hp.

    2) Spin motor:  220/380v 50hz or 60hz 1/2hp.

    E.    Operator: one