24 Head Mounting Machine

24 Head Mounting Machine
Product Name : 24 Head Mounting Machine


    Product Character

    A. General description:

    This machine is consisted of mounting machine and control cabinet.

    B. Capacity:

      1) 24 head with rotary barrel cam indexing type machine.

      2) Index time =  1600-1800    pcs/hr.

      3) Application for mounted stems.

     4) Use or easier to adjust for various kind of filament.

    C.Automatic device:

    1) Automatic stem loading device.

    2) #1 lead wires forming.

    3) Lead wire flattened.

    4) #2 lead wire forming.

    5) Lead wire hooking unit.

    6) Hook annealing unit.

    7) Filament feed & clamping, conveyor type.

    8) Filament stretched.

    9) Getter coating unit.

    10) Coating dried unit. (vacuum type).

    11) Unloading device.

    12) Transfer conveyor.

    13) In case of misfeeding the other component with not be loading.

    14) Mounted is to be manually fed to sealing m/c conveyor by operator.



      2)Main motor: 220/380v  50hz or 60hz 1hp. 

    E.Operator:  two

     1) Filament feed.

     2) Mounted stem unloading.