24/36 Head Sealing Machine

24/36 Head Sealing Machine
Product Name : 24/36 Head Sealing Machine


    Product Character

    A. General description:

    This machine is for gls lamp seal type operation, automatic loaded mount and glass sheeps to be bulb sealing and for heating the sealed bulb and for exhausting along with gas filling and filament light.

    B. Capacity: 

    1) Capacity:  1600-1800  pcs/hour.

    2) Operator required :  one 

    3) Machine dimensions :  345 * 194 * 209 cm

    4) Machine weight:  2,500 kg

    C. Automatic device:

    1) Main motor :  220/380v 50hz or 60hz 2hp.

    2) Spin motor: 220/380v 50hz or 60hz 1/2hp.