Automatic Base Capping Machine

Automatic Base Capping Machine
Product Name : Automatic Base Capping Machine


    Product Character

    1. Description: 

    This 60 heads automatic machine is for house lamps basing the cap and bulb join heating by lpg gas, after lead in wire cutting and top contact and side soldering in one time.

    2. Capacity: 600-1800pcs/ hr

    3. Operator: Four Men 

    4. Function: 

    4-1 Automatic into capping mould.

    4-2 Automatic lead in wire pull & cutting.

    4-3 Automatic top & side contact soldering.

    4-4 Automatic lighting & unloading.

    5. Dimension & Weight: 

    5-1 Dimension: 354*252*200cm

    5-2 Weight: 1,500kg